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"Kuhnian Tensions"

This work-in-progress is a reflection on The Essential Tension (1977) and The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962) by Thomas Kühn as well as a translated copy of Paul Hoyningen-Huene's Reconstructing Scientific Revolutions (1993). I am particularly interested in taking a Kuhnian perspective on conceptual change and development within the mind of an individual. How does the human mind manage the risk of novel information? The movement component is based on an exercise from StaibDance, a contemporary dance company based out of Emory University. This first iteration was filmed at the Cambridge Foundry on November 28, 2023 in collaboration with the following movement artists: 

"Episodic Mappings"

"Episodic Mappings" is an on-going personal research project where I am documenting my gradual transition to cognitive science. At 19 landmarks across Boston, I recite from memory palaces that I've made while sharing writing snippets edited from my journaling. The project itself is a sort of memory palace in its own right that loops around Boston. It's primarily function is to aid my own thinking and feeling rather than to perform or entertain. Here is a sample of two loci. The research for "(7) I guess I'll just sit here: absorbing," helped me grapple with my need to feel immediately useful, which has allowed me to stay patient along my divergent path. The research for "(2) the feelings of incoherence" reflects on emotional distance and the subjective experience of something being out-of-place.

"When you let go of plot, what do you gain?"

The performance of "Iteration 2" lasted two hours, but every 15 minutes the choreography would repeat, which is when I would switch to a new writing topic. How is the perception of the choreography on the N-th loop influenced by the memory of the prior loops? After taking Bayesian Inference as an elective during my master's in pure math and finding it terribly boring, this dance research offered the necessary intuition and set the stage for my curiosities to wander into cognitive science. April 14, 2022 at the Univ. of North Carolina School for the Arts in collaboration with contemporary dancers Kendall Ramirez and Faith Fidgeon. In "Iteration 3" my role was dramaturg. At the Windmill Arts Center, we continued to research the transience of experience while tying in threads related to grief and the absurd things we do while in grief. April 6 & 8, 2023.

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